Cycling City and Towns Reports Published

The Department for Transport has published full reports on the Cycling City and Towns Programme, a government funded programme which was implemented in 18 local authorities across England from 2008-11. The end of programme reports consist of data and comment from the individual project teams who led the programme in the participant towns and city.

The Cycling City and Towns Programme awarded funding to successful towns (and one city) to help them deliver a range of measures designed to get more people cycling. The programme aimed to increase investment in cycling in the participant towns and city to equivalent levels of investment made in the best European cycling cities, with an aim of proving that increased funding and bespoke projects could have a significant impact on cycling rates.

In addition to infrastructure improvements and promotional activity, funding was also allocated to Bikeability training for both children and adults, helping them to develop the necessary skills and confidence to make use of the new and improved cycle routes being provided. All projects have recognised the importance of providing high quality cycle training, both in terms of encouraging completely new cyclists, and in helping occasional cyclists to cycle more often.

The full reports for all Cycling Towns and the Cycling City can be found at