Cycling Skills for Adults

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Starting out

If you never learnt to cycle, help is at hand! Bikeability instructors will be more than happy to help you get cycling. Don’t worry about being a novice; instructors can help you get your balance and learn to control your bike – sessions will be in a traffic free space.

You may wish to make your first course a one-to-one session so that you can really concentrate on mastering the basics, but if you’d prefer to learn in a group you can ask about group sessions too. Instructors can also arrange training for a family, a group of friends or at your workplace with your colleagues.

Building confidence

If you’ve recently rediscovered your enthusiasm for cycling and would appreciate some hints and tips on how to make safe on-road journeys, a few Bikeability sessions will help you refresh your skills and provide you with the confidence needed to tackle the harder parts of your journeys.

Just let your instructor know what you’d like to focus on – it might be a new route to work, the way to the shops or in and around a particularly busy area. Don’t forget you can request training with a friend or a group.

Advanced skills

There are also options for confident and experienced cyclists. Bikeability instructors can help you to hone your cycling skills to cycle with confidence on roads with more traffic or more complex road layouts. The instructor can also help you with route planning as there may be alternatives that you weren’t aware of.

Finding a course

If your local authority doesn’t have its own programme of you’d like training to be a bit more focused round your needs you can find an independent provider in your local area by using the Bikeability Near You search on the left side of this page. Please contact the individual providers for prices and schedules.

London – Good news! Free and subsidised cycle training is available for adults who live, work or study in London. You can visit your local borough’s website for further details, or book through Transport for London’s website.